Banner, PVC & mesh

Banner COTA-B1

Flexible matt white banner material for in- and outdoor frontlit applications. Banner Cota offers exceptional outdoor durability. Banner Cota is used for Billboard, banners, building murals and in store displays. B-1 Fire retardent & available from 1100mm up to 3200mm roll width.

Mesh Durastrip-B1

White knitted substrate for small and wide format front-lit display. Mesh with fabric backing, Easy printing without leaking ink, Simply tear-off backing after printing. Building murals & wraps, indoor wall decoration, banners, trade show and in-store display. Weather resistant.

Flexroll Blockout 440

Flexible “multi purpose” banner material for in and outside banner applications. The fine yarn make it’s very flexible, strong and durable. Therefore suitable for a diversity of applications. Flexroll is perfect to use for displays (indoor and outdoor), window shades, retail window display, etc… B1 Fire retardant.